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NetChef - Digital Cookbook


The NEW NetChef will be one of  the smartest purchases you will  ever make for your home. Take your kitchen into a whole new realm with this latest innovative technology. Store and ...

The ultimate Android Recipe storage device for your Kitchen!  The NetChef™ comes complete with an 8GB SD Card and Stylus for easy navigation.

This wonderful recipe storage device comes preloaded with up to 500 recipes for you to try.  The left side of the screen incorporates elaborately classified food categories with touch screen operation.  The left side of the screen incorporates elaborately classified food categories with touch screen operation. Categories include the type of meal e.g. Dessert/Dinner and by Food selection e.g. Fish/ Meat/Vegetarian etc. You can easily select any kind recipe you like from the extensive categories.  Eliminate the clutter of recipe books. Coupled with one of our EzyScan scanners so you can scan your old handwritten recipes and store in your NetChef for safe keeping.

The right side of the screen included a variety of  renowned specialist Australian Companies that we have worked with the bring a unique and inspiring selection of Australian Recipe Quick Links.  Watch Videos from Celebrity Chefs, search more recipes online and personalise your NetChef by installing your own apps directly from the Android Market.

From making a brunch or a complex holiday meal your Favourites folder will hold all your secrets. Found a recipe in the Online Recipes you want to try again? Then simply add it to your Favourite Folder.

The elegant design of the NetChef™ is not only impressive as an addition to your kitchen, but is also fire and water resistant which eliminates any concern whilst cooking and washing up.  Throw away your cook books and stop risking your smart phone near the sink in your kitchen and in addition it’s so easy to clean.

Scan and store Grandmas secret handwritten recipes and they'll be waiting for you in your personal recipes folder as required.  You can also write your own recipes and save to the SD Card with Notebook on your computer, or scan recipes card as JPEG files and save also.

Organise your Family appointments and set reminders in your NetChef Calendar for special events. E.g. Birthdays, sporting events, parties and things to do.

Stop risking your Tablet or Smart phone near the sink!  Heat and Water resistant, the elegant design of the NetChef is not only impressive as an addition to your kitchen, it is also easy to clean.

Why clutter your counter with gadgets? NetChef comes with a built-in timer!  The NetChef timers will notify you with tones as each cooking time expires. The NetChef also comes complete with a of measurement converter available on the bottom of every recipe page to assist in calculating your measurements if need be.

Yes play your favourite music whilst cooking! Two high quality speakers have been incorporated into the NetChef, so you can easily listen to videos or music whilst in the kitchen at any time. Volume is adjustable on screen and the sound quality is absolutely excellent!

The NetChef can be used as a Digital Photo Frame when not in use.  Transfer your photos from your computer to an SD card and insert into the NetChef.  Your treasured memories will be displayed to show off to your family and friends.

Want to check the weather?, Source information for Children’s Homework?, Catch up with friends on Facebook?, Watch a movie? Search the Internet? Then the NetChef will be your new best friend at home.   View your favourite recipes and recipe videos online.

The NetChef is suitable for use with Wi-Fi only.  The NetChef also memories all the routers that have been used so whenever you power on the NetChef it will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi.

FREE 8 GB SD card to store music, recipes, videos and more.  The external memory can be expanded up to 32GB